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Contents Volume 1 (1989):
Human Dimensions of Adjustment

Unit 1: Khartoum Conference and Khartoum Declaration:
Follow-Up Activities
edited by Karl Wohlmuth and Dirk Hansohm

Following up the Khartoum Conference and the Khartoum Declaration: An Introduction
Karl Wohlmuth

Document: The Khartoum Declaration

Employment in Africa: Trends and Prospects
Vremudia P. Diejomaoh and Jan Vandemoortele

The ILO and the Social Dimensions of Adjustment in Africa
Victor E. Tokman and David H. Freeman

Debt and Adjustment: The UNICEF Approach to the Human Challenge
Rolph van der Hoeven and Richard Jolly

The Social Impact of Fund-Supported Adjustment Programs
Mamoudou Touré

The Living Standards Measurement Study
Elene Makonnen

The Social Dimensions of Adjustment Project
Timothy Marchant

Agricultural Development and Human Dimensions of Adjustment – New Research by the OECD Development Centre
Christian Morrisson

Analytical Survey: Food Nutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa
Peter Svedberg

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Unit 2: UNPAARED Halfway
edited by Jutta Franz and Karl Wohlmuth

UNPAARED Halfway: An Introduction
Jutta Franz

Document: Financing Africa’s Recovery

Document: Mid-Term Review of the UNPAARED

The Sub-Saharan African Debt Problem: Issues for International Policy
Gerald K. Helleiner

Some Reflections on the IMF/World Bank Conditionality in Sub-Saharan Africa
Badr-ed Din Abdel Rahim Ibrahim

Small Enterprises for the Needs of the People? Ghana’s "Small-Scale Industrial ‘Take-Off’´"
Gerhard Fischer-Quincke

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Unit 3: Ecological Crisis in Africa
edited by Barbara Worch and Robert Kappel

Africa’s Ecological Disaster: An Introduction
Barbara Worch and Robert Kappel

No Condition Permanent: The Rainforests of Africa
Julian Gerstin

Toxic Waste Dumping – New Risks for Africa
Ulrich Boeschen

CILSS: The Struggle Against Desertification in the Sahel
Heinrich Neufeldt

Document: African NGOs Environment Network (ANEN): Forestry Programme

Document: Economic Report on Africa 1988

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Unit 4: Africa’s Relations with the European Communit
edited by Robert Kappel and Karl Wohlmuth

The Lomé IV Negotiations and Africa: An Introduction
Robert Kappel

EC-ACP: From Lomé III to Lomé IV
Christopher Stevens

ACP-EC Cooperation in Africa – Recent Developments and Prospects
Walter Kennes

Document: The Adjustment Process in Africa: A European Council Resolution

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Unit 5: Successful "Models" of Development in Africa?
edited by Hellmuth Färber and Peter Oesterdiekhoff

Evaluation Problems of "Successful" Development: An Introduction
Hellmuth Färber

Botswana – An Example of Successful Development in Southern Africa?
Ullrich Boehm

Botswana – African Economic Miracle or Dependent South African Quasi-Homeland?
Bernhard Weimer

Zimbabwe’s Peasants take up the Challenge
Hans-Jörg Friedrich

Peasants and Food Security in Zimbabwe: Emerging Contradictions
Nick Amin and J.T. Kutoka

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Unit 6: Nigeria – Structural Adjustment and Agriculture
edited by Peter Oesterdiekhoff and Robert Kappel

Economic and Political Aspects of the Adjustment Crisis: An Introduction
Peter Oesterdiekhoff

Nigeria: SAP and Beyond
Nnaemeka Ikpeze and Apia E. Okorafor

Oil Distortions, Agriculture and Poverty. Implications of the Boom and its Aftermath for Food Security
Peter Oesterdiekhoff

Recent Migration Flows and the ‘Net Reallocation of Labour’ between Rural and Urban Sectors in Nigeria: Some Observations from a Farm Survey in Anambra and Benue States
Bernhard Lageman

Contributions of Traditional and Modern Grassroots Organizations to Local, Regional and National Development
Emea O. Arua and Eugene C. Okorji

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Unit 7: African Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Local Development
edited by Dirk Hansohm and Jutta Franz

The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Development: An Introduction
Dirk Hansohm

Document: Conference on the Role of Indigenous NGOs in African Recovery and Development, the Khartoum Statement

Document: Statement of NGOs Attending the NGO Forum in Connection with the Mid-Term Review of the UNPAARED

NGOs, Self-Help Projects and Development in Tanzania: The Njombe District Development Trust
Joe L.P. Lugalla

Development Management from Below? – Prospects of the Zimbabwean Strategy of Decentralization at Village Level
Hans-Jörg Friedrich

Farmer Groups in Senegal: Rural Development Through Self-Help and the Promotion of Self-Help Organizations
Beate Martin

The Underdogs of the Urban Economy Join Forces. Results of an ILO Programme in Mali, Rwanda and Togo
Carlos Maldonado

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Unit 8: Review
edited by Jutta Franz and Karl Wohlmuth

Ghana’s Experience with Adjustment
Klaus Enderle

"Successful Development in Africa"
Yusuf Taha Gumaa

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Unit 9: Profiles, News and Information
edited by Karl Wohlmuth and Dirk Hansohm

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