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Contents Volume 10 (2004): 
Private and Public Sectors - Towards a Balance 



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Unit 1: 
Regional Integration and Private Sector Development in Southern Africa
edited by Mareike Meyn and Tobias Knedlik

Regional Integration and Private Sector Development in Southern Africa.  
An Overview and Introduction
Mareike Meyn

The Role of the Private Sector in Southern Africa:
Options in the Process of Regional Development and Conclusions for Economic Policies
Karl Wolfgang Menck

What Role for the Private Sector in the Process of Regional Trade Integration in Southern Africa?  
Sophie Chauvin

Private Sector Support Institutions in the Southern African Development Community (SADC):
Objectives, Achievements and Limits
Mareike Meyn

Competition Policy in SADC:  
Policy Making and Implementation Challenges in a Regional Context
Trudi Hartzenberg

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Unit 2: 
Capacity Building, Finance and Innovation in the Private Sector
edited by Karl Wohlmuth and Mareike Meyn

Capacity Building and Private Sector Development - 
An Introduction
Karl Wohlmuth

Human Resource Development and Foreign Direct Investment in Africa
Wim Naudè and Waldo Krugell

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Social Capital and the State in Sub-Saharan Africa
Robert Kappel

Educational Policy and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Development in Eritrea
Temesgen Kifle

Provision of Sustainable Microfinancial Services to the Poor in Very Poor Economies:
Evidence from Burkina Faso
Youssoufou Congo

German-South African Cooperation and Its Contribution to Business Development
Tina Babo


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Unit 3: 
Public and Private Sectors: Towards a Balance
edited by Karl Wohlmuth and Tobias Knedlik

Balancing Public and Private Sectors: Towards a Balance.
An Introduction
Karl Wohlmuth

Privatisation in Africa: Lessons from the Ghanaian and Nigerian Experience
Ademola Ariyo and Afeikhena Jerome

Privatisation of State-Owned Enterprises in Zambia: 
Lessons for other African Countries
Andrew Mwaba 

Privatisation: The Case of Mauritius
Sunil K. Bundoo

Water Reforms and Privatisation Processes in Southern Africa
Larry A. Swatuk

The Balance of Private and Public Sector in Namibia
Dirk Hansohm

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Unit 4: 
Private Sector Development in Cameroon
edited by Samuel Ngogang (†), Karl Wohlmuth and Tobias Knedlik

Private Sector Development in Cameroon:
A General Outlook and Introductory Insight
Samuel Ngogang (†)

Deregulation Policy in Cameroon
Touna Mama and Alexandre Magloire Schouamée

The Process of Privatisation in Cameroon 
Roger A. Tsafack Nanfosso 

The Role of Micro-Finance Institutions in the Private Sector Development in Cameroon
Henry Wamba

The Institutional Framework for the Development of the Private Sector
Samuel Ngogang (†)

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Unit 5:
Book Reviews and Book Notes
edited by Achim Gutowski and Mareike Meyn 

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Unit 6:
Profiles, News and Information
edited by Mareike Meyn and Tobias Knedlik

TRALAC - The Trade Law Centre for Africa
Stellenbosch, South Africa 

Volunteers in Technical Assistance (VITA)
Arlington, USA / Conakry, Guinea

Micro Enterprise Alliance (MEA)
Braamfontein, South Africa

The Centre for Public-Private Cooperation (CPPC) 
Ibadan, Nigeria

The Southern Africa Initiative of German Business - SAFRI
Stuttgart, Germany

African Development Bank: Opportunities for Franchising in Africa
Abidjan, Ivory Coast

African Development Bank: The Bank's Policy on Public-Private Partnership
Abidjan, Ivory Coast

The Research Group for an Alternative Economic Strategy (GRESEA
Brussels, Belgium

The Human Rights and Documentation Centre (HRDC)
Windhoek, Namibia

The UNAM's UNESCO Chair of Human Rights and Democracy - Which way forward?
Windhoek, Namibia

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