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Contents Volume 11 (2005/2006): 
Africa - Escaping the Primary Commodities Dilemma



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Unit 1: 
Successful Cases of Diversification, Upgrading and Redirection of Economies: Strategies to Escape the Commodity Dependence
edited by Karl Wohlmuth and Mohammed Nureldin Hussain (†)

Are Successful Strategies Feasible? An Introduction
Karl Wohlmuth

Africa's Economic Prospects: Breaking the Shackles of Primary Exports
Mohammed Nureldin Hussain (†)

Botswana - An Examination of Recent Economic Redirection Strategies  
Oluyele Akinkugbe and Patricia Makepe

Meeting the Challenges of the Global Coffee Market: The Case of Uganda
Nancy Dubosse

Transforming Subsistence Products to Propellers of Sustainable Rural Development: Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) Production and Trade in Cameroon
Julius Chupezi Tieguhong and Ousseynou Ndoye

Trade Capacity Building and Export Diversification in Africa
Federico Bonaglia and Kiichiro Fukasaku

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Unit 2: 
International Trade in and Production of Primary Commodities: Interventions to Improve the Position of Countries and Firms in the Global Value Chain
edited by Tobias Knedlik and Mareike Meyn

Interventions to Improve Africa's Position in the Global Value Chain. An Introduction
Tobias Knedlik

Tackling the Commodity Price Problem - New Proposals and Revisiting Old Solutions
Andrew Mold

The Diversification Potential for Southern African Countries' Agro-based Exports to the EU - Addressing Demand- and Supply-Side Constraints
Mareike Meyn

Structural Problems of West African Cocoa Exports and Options for Improvements
Hans-Heinrich Bass

An Analysis of Cost Reduction Strategies in the Sugar Sector and Agricultural Diversification in Mauritius
Sunil Bundoo and Sachit Maudhoo

Development Prospects of the Eritrean Fishing Industry: Lessons to be Learned from Fish Producer Developing Countries
Temesgen Kifle

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Unit 3: 
Global Raw Materials Markets and Diversification Efforts of Commodity Producers in SADC Countries
edited by Philippe Burger and Tobias Knedlik

The Different Paths of Diversification Available to African Countries. An Introduction
Philippe Burger and Tobias Knedlik

Economic Diversification: The Role of Resource Abundance and Labour Constraints
Philippe Burger and Lizelle Janse van Rensburg

Africa's Commodity Dependence Problem: Diagnosis to Guide the Search for A Cure
Marina Marinkov and Philippe Burger

The Role of the Mining Industry in Selected SADC Countries
Charmel Verhoeven

The Concentration of Trade in Selected South African Industries - Two Case Studies
Antonie Pool

Economic Policy and the Two-Pronged Approach to Diversification
J.P. Geldenhuys and Philippe Burger

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Unit 4:
Book Reviews and Book Notes
edited by Achim Gutowski and Mareike Meyn 

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Unit 5:
Profiles, News and Information
edited by Mareike Meyn and Achim Gutowski

Industrial Development and Market Entry: The Role of Technical Support Services in Nigeria
UNIDO Secretariat Vienna and Standards Organization of Nigeria, Abuja, Nigeria

Diversification of Africa's Commodity Production and Trade: Lessons from an UNCTAD Project
UNCTAD, Geneva, Switzerland

The Trans Kalahari Express - The Enhancement of Walvis Bay Corridor into the Western Gateway to SADC
Walvis Bay Corridor Group, Windhoek, Namibia

Commission For Africa (CFA): "Our Common Interest" - Economic Diversification 
CFA Secretariat and Policy Team, London, United Kingdom

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