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Contents Volume 12 (2007): 
Africa - Commodity Dependence, Resource Curse and Export Diversification


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Unit 1: 
Abundance of Natural Resources and Vulnerability to Crises, Conflicts and Disasters
edited by Karl Wohlmuth and Afeikhena Jerome

Abundance of Natural Resources and Vulnerability to Crises, Conflicts and Disasters - An Introduction
Karl Wohlmuth

Globalisation and Growth in Côte d'Ivoire: From Miracle to Crisis
Bédia François Aka and Adama Coulibaly

Averting Anarchy in Nigeria: Practical Proposals for Lifting the Oil Curse
Afeikhena Jerome

Oil Resources and Incidence of Conflicts in Nigeria
Bernard Aigbokhan, Reuben A. Alabi and Moses Ailemen

Raw Materials Games and Crisis in Africa: Understanding the Economic Dilemma
Joseph Ndeffo Fongue

Crisis Prevention in Resource-Rich Countries - National, Regional and International Economic Strategies
Karl Wolfgang Menck

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Unit 2: 
Commodity Dependence and Export Diversification. Towards New Strategies and Policies for Nigeria

edited by Afeikhena Jerome, Karl Wohlmuth and Mareike Meyn

Nigeria's Commodity Dependence and Options for Diversification. An Introduction
Afeikhena Jerome and Karl Wohlmuth

Nigeria - Global Integration and Commodity Dependence
Rosemary N. Okoh

The Relevance of Trade Capacity Building in Nigeria for Effective Participation in International Trade
Mareike Meyn

Oil Palm Production in Nigeria and Improved Export Chances: The Need for Upgrading
Osmund O. Uzor

Production, Processing and Marketing of Export Crops for Rural Development: The Case of Cocoa In Nigeria
Akinpelu O. Olutayo and Ayokunle O. Omobowale

The Diversification Potential of Cassava in the Nigerian Economy
Oliver Chinedu Ujah

Leather and Leather Products: A Viable Non-Oil Export Potential for Nigeria
Amakom Uzochukwu

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Unit 3: 
Escaping the Primary Commodities Dilemma by Pro-active Policies: The Case of Cameroon

edited by Chicot Eboué, Touna Mama, Karl Wohlmuth and Tobias Knedlik

Escaping the Primary Commodities Dilemma by Pro-Active Policy Reforms in Cameroon - An Introduction
Touna Mama, Ernest Bamou and Chicot Eboué

Beyond the Structural Adjustment Programs: The Roadmap to a Sustainable Growth Path for Cameroon
Touna Mama, Ernest Bamou and Chicot Eboué

Transport Infrastructure and Cameroon Exports Promotion in Central Africa
Valérie Ongolo Zogo and Touna Mama

Investments and Industrialization in Cameroon: Challenges and Prospects
Celestin N'Donga

Food Production and Non-Food Agricultural Supply: Towards an Efficient Diversification of Export-led Agriculture in Cameroon
Alexandre Magloire Schouamé and Mireille Etogo Messomo

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Unit 4:
Book Reviews and Book Notes
edited by Achim Gutowski and Mareike Meyn 

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Unit 5:
Profiles, News and Information
edited by Mareike Meyn

Ghana's Experience with the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM). How the Mechanism Can Assist the Country in Diversifying Primary Commodity Exports
APRM Secretariat, Midrand, South Africa (Authors: Bernard Kouassi and Afeikena Jerome)

YENEPAD: For What Future? From a Vision to the Implementation
YENEPAD Secretariat, Pretoria, South Africa (Author: Alain A. Ndedi)

A New Initiative to Strengthen Capacity Development in East Africa
AFRITAC, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (Author: Bassirou A. Sarr)

Sustainable Capacity in Economic Modelling Towards Responsible and Effective Economic Policy in Africa 
AFRINEM, Pretoria, South Africa (Author: Charlotte du Toit)

Scaling-up of Energy Services Access in East Africa to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals
Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI), Stockholm, Sweden (Author: Anders Arvidson)

Renewable Resources for Industrial Development and Export Diversification: The Case of Bioenergy from Sugar Cane in Southern Africa CARENSA and SEI, Stockholm, Sweden (Authors: Francis X. Johnson, Vikram Seebaluck, Helen Kerr Watson and Jeremy Woods)

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