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Contents Volume 2 (1990/91):
Industrialization Based on Agricultural Development

Unit 1: Evaluation of the First Industrial Development Decade and Proposals for a Second Industrial Development Decade
edited by Karl Wohlmuth and Dirk Hansohm

Towards a New Industrial Strategy for Sub-Saharan Africa – An Introduction
Karl Wohlmuth

The Manufacturing Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa: Performance and Prospects for the 1990s
Roger C.Riddel

What Relevance Has the Paths of the NICs for Africa?
Meine Pieter van Dijk

Africa’s Alternative Framework and a New Industrial Strategy for Africa
Adebayo Adedeji

New Industrial Strategies for Africa
Elfatih Shaaeldin

Evaluation of the First Industrial Development Decade for Africa and Proposals for the Second
Domingo L. Siazon, Jr.

UNIDO´s Diagnostic Surveys of Industrial Rehabilitation Needs in Africa with Emphasis on Agro-Based Industries: An Integrated Programme Approach
George B. Assaf

Key Strategic Issues for IDDA II
William F. Steel

Country Experiences with Industrial Adjustment Lending in Sub-Saharan Africa
John A. Wayem

Perspectives on African Industrialization
John Weiss

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Unit 2: New International and Regional Initiatives for Alternative
Development in Africa
edited by Karl Wohlmuth and Dirk Hansohm

Towards a New Generation of Structural Adjustment Programmes for Sub-Saharan Africa – An Introduction
Karl Wohlmuth

Africa in the 1990s: Beyond Continental Crises to Sustainable Development - Structural Adjustment, Civil Society and Non-Governmental Organizations
Timothy M. Shaw

Democracy and Popular Participation as Productive Factors or Constitutive Elements of a New Development Vision
Hans H. Bass

Document: African Charter for Popular Participation in Development and Transformation (Arusha 1990)
Document: OAU Declaration (Addis Ababa 1990)

Wages and Implications for Structural Adjustment - How to Survive in Africa?
Vali Jamal

The Relevance of ADLI for Sub-Saharan Africa
Irma Adelman and Steven J. Vogel

Agriculture-based Industrialization in Sub-Saharan Africa
Hans W. Singer

Elements of a Development Strategy for the 1990s
Udo E. Simonis

The Least Developed Countries: A Challenge to the World Community in the 1990s
Yves Berthelot

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Unit 3: African Environmental Policy
edited by Robert Kappel and Barbara Worch

Introduction – African Environmental Policy
Robert Kappel and Barbara Worch

Climate Change and Environmental Conflicts in Africa
Muhamed Suliman

Environmental Activities in Ghana - National Concepts, Experiences and Perspectives
C. Dorm-Adzobu

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Unit 4: Industrial and Regional Cooperation
edited by Robert Kappel and Peter Oesterdiekhoff

Introduction - Industrial and Regional Cooperation in Africa
Robert Kappel

Delinking Africa? - African Cooperation Perspectives with the European Communities
Robert Kappel

Lomé´s Forgotten Agenda? EEC Industrial Cooperation with Africa
Trevor W. Parfitt

Industrial Cooperation between EEC and Africa
Paolo Logli

Experiences of Economic Integration in Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons for a Fresh Start
Ali Mansoor

The New International Environment as a New Chance for Economic Cooperation – The ECOWAS- Perspective
Andreas Golisch and Frank Messner

The European’s Commission’s Proposal for Debt Relief to the ACP Countries
Manuel Marin

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Unit 5: Agriculture in the Process of Industrialization: Case Studies
edited by Hans H. Bass and Jutta Franz

Agriculture in the Process of Industrialization - An Introduction to Some Case Studies
Hans H. Bass

Conceptions and Reality of Industrialization Based on Agricultural Development in Angola and Congo
Albin Kress

Mauritius - Crisis and Successful Adjustment
Rasul Shams

Libya - Irrigation and Food Security in an Oil- Rich Desert Country
Konrad Schliephake

Agriculture and its Contribution to Development in Namibia
Manfred O. Hinz

Linkages between Agriculture and Industry in Sudan. With Special Reference to Small Industries
Dirk Hansohm

Agricultural Demand-Led Industrialization - an Option for Zimbabwe?
Stefan Mair

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Unit 6: Nigeria
edited by Peter Oesterdiekhoff and Robert Kappel

Lost Chances and New Perspectives for the Industrial Development of Nigeria - Introduction
Peter Oesterdiekhoff

New Industrial Policies and Perspectives for Manufacturing in Nigeria
Nnaemeka Ikpeze

Rural Industrialization in Nigeria- An Overview
Dayo Ademisokun-Turton

Privatization and Commercialization - The Nigerian Experience
F.E. Onah

The Missing Middle - New Chances and Programmes of Developing the Small- Scale Industries in Nigeria
Adenike M. Osoba

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Unit 7: Women’s Participation in the Industrialization Process -
Problems and Perspectives
edited by Elke Grawert and Gaby Zdunnek

Women’s Participation in the Development Process: Problems and Perspectives
Elke Grawert and Gabriele Zdunnek

Some Thoughts on "Village-Mill Projects"
Eva-Maria Bruchhaus

Palm Oil Processing in Nigeria
Peter Ay and Gabriele Zdunnek

Socio-Economic Linkages between Agriculture and Industry: Are Rural Women Involved in an "Industrialization Process"?
Elke Grawert

Female Labour in the Process of Transformation - Seen in the Example of Botswana
Brigitte Hasenjürgen

Women in the Informal Sector in Industrializing Zimbabwe
Meine Pieter van Djik

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Unit 8: Book Review
edited by Jutta Franz and Marlene Conrad

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Unit 9: Profiles, News, and Information
edited by Karl Wohlmuth and Hans H. Bass

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Unit 10: Chronology
edited by Karl Wohlmuth and Klaudia Kleine

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