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Contents Volume 3 (1992/93):
Energy and Sustainable Development

Unit 1: Sustainable Energy Systems and Sustainable Development
edited by Wolfgang Hein and Robert Kappel

Sustainable Energy Systems and Sustainable Development – Introduction
Wolfgang Hein

Sustainability – A New Concept for Development?
Wolfgang Hein

Sustaining Development in a Low-Priority Region for International Assistance
T. J. Wilbanks

The Meaning of ‘Sustainable Development’ in Africa
Ann Seidman

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Unit 2: New Energy Policies for Africa
edited by Karl Wohlmuth

Towards a New Energy Policy for Africa – An Introduction
Karl Wohlmuth

An Energy Strategy for Environmentally-Sound Development of Sub-Saharan Africa
Stephen Karekezi

Energy and Sustainable Development: Components of a New, Environmentally Sound Energy Strategy for Africa
John M. Christensen

Sustainable Energy Growth for Africa. The Role of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization
John W. Byam

Managing Natural Energy Resources in Africa
Siddig A. Salih

Policy Reform and Promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies in Sub-Saharan African Countries
Karl Wohlmuth

Sub-Saharan Energy Financing. The Need for a New Game Plan
Miguel Schloss

Energy Evaluation Methodology and Sustainable Development in Rural Africa: Some Policy Implications of a Multicriteria Approach
Davin Ramphall

Document: Bujumbura Declaration: Proposal for Basic Principles on Energy, 1990 (Energy Research Group, Kumasi, Ghana)
Document: ESMAP´s Strategy and Work Plan for 1992-93, UNDP, World Bank (New York/Washington D.C.)
Document: Women, Energy and Sustainable Development, 1992 (IFAD, Rome, Italy)

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Unit 3: Energy Cooperation and Sustainable Development
edited by Frank Messner, Robert Kappel & Jörg Pohlan

Energy Cooperation and Sustainable Development – An Introduction
Frank Messner

Renewable Energy Systems in Africa – A Postponed Take-Off and its Institutional Backgrounds
Georg Schäfer

Towards Energy Programs in International Cooperation that Satisfy Ecological and Social Basic Needs – Conclusions Drawn from the Regional Energy Supply Concept El Kef, Tunisia
Martin Schulte

Energy Cooperation Between the European Economic Community and the Developing Countries of Africa
Henri Martin

Sustainable Development and Cooperation: European Relations with Africa
Robert Kappel

The Volta Lake Project in Ghana – A Critical Analysis of a Giant Energy Project
Kofi Diaw and Einhard Schmidt-Kallert

Renewable Energy Systems and Sustainable Technology Transfer – Problems of Biogas Dissemination
Bernd Gutterer

Popular Participation and Energy: Participatory Rural Appraisal as a Mobilizing Force in Energy Production
Richard Ford and Ntalemwa Nytha

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Unit 4: Rural Energy Use and Sustainable Agricultural Development
edited by Hans H. Bass

Hans H. Bass

Energy Issues of Rural Areas and Agriculture in Africa
Ogunlade R. Davidson

Agroforestry in Africa
Phil O´Keefe, John Kirkby and Adam Carter

The Need for Rural Energy Centres with Special Emphasis on Sub-Saharan Africa
Gibson Mandishona

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Unit 5: Household Energy Systems
edited by Elke Grawert and Jutta Franz

Introduction – Sustainable Development of Household Energy Systems
Elke Grawert

Women and the Fuelwood Crisis in Africa
Elizabeth Ardayfio-Schandorf

The Health Impact of Cookstove Smoke in Africa
Kirk R. Smith

Methodical Aspects in the Context of Assessment of Stove Dissemination Programmes
Michael Gajo

Document: The Plenary of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, June 14, 1992: Agenda 21, Chapter 14, Programme Area K: Rural Energy Transition to Enhance Productivity
Document: The Conference of Citizens’ Groups in Rio de Janeiro, June 1992: Treaty on Arid and Semi-Arid Zones
Document: The Plenary of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, June 14, 1992: Agenda 21, Chapter 24: Global Action for Women Towards Sustainable and Equitable Development

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Unit 6: Book Reviews and Book Notes
edited by Jutta Franz

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Unit 7: Profiles, News and Information
edited by Karl Wohlmuth and Hans H. Bass

Renewable Energy Technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa. A Seminar Report
Muiruri J. Kimani

Research Project "Evaluation of Renewable Energy Projects in Developing Countries"
Karl Wohlmuth

Rural Industries Promotion and Energy Conservation under Structural Adjustment. A Programme for SADCC Countries and a Pilot Study for Zimbabwe.
Carmel Lue-Mbizvo

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Unit 8: Recent Developments in the Region – 1992 and 1993
edited by Karl Wohlmuth and Frank Messner

Economic and Political Transitions in Africa – An Introduction
Karl Wohlmuth

Migration of Polluting Industries to Africa: Is It Defensible?
Elfatih Shaaeldin

UNCED 1992: Sops for Africa
Frank Messner

Civil Society and Democratic Change in Africa – The Cases of Cape Verde and Zambia
Peter Meyns

Horn of Africa: Elusive Peace
Kathrin Eikenberg

Strategic Agenda for Private Sector Development. Confronting Challenges on Sub-Saharan Africa
Africa Technical Department, World Bank

The Inter-African Experience in Industrial Cooperation and Development
Wilfred A. Ndongko

Economic Reform in SADCC Countries. Lessons from the Case of Zimbabwe
Jonathan N. Moyo

Document: New Agenda for the Development of Africa in the 1990s (United Nations, New York, September 14, 1991)
Document: The Abidjan Declaration on Debt Relief, Recovery and Democracy in Africa (Abidjan, July 8-9, 1991)
Document: Treaty Establishing the African Economic Community, Chapters 1 and 2 (OAU, Abuja, June 3, 1991)

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