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Contents Volume 4 (1994/95):
Active Labour and Employment Policies

Unit 1: Employment Crisis and Structural Adjustment in Africa
edited by Karl Wohlmuth

Africa's Employment Crisis and the Process of Structural Adjustment - An Introduction
Karl Wohlmuth

Alternative Macroeconomic Policy for the sub-Saharan African Countries
John Weeks

The Impact of Globalisation on Employment Policies in Africa
Tony Killick

Impacts of Structural Adjustment on Agricultural Labour Markets:Policies for a New Generation of Structural Adjustment Programmes.
Lawrence D Smith

Urban African Labour Markets and the Policy Credibility Problem
Paul Collier, John Hoddinott and Francis Teal

Structural Adjustment and the Kenyan Labour Market
Monica Neitzert and Crispin Odhiambo-Mbai

Successful and Unsuccessful Adjustment and its Effects on Employment: The Cases of Cameroon and Zimbabwe
Meine Pieter van Dijk

The Impact of Structural Adjustment Upon Employment and Trade Unions in Ghana and Nigeria
Jon Kraus

IMF / World Bank's Structural Adjustment Policies, Labour and Industrial Relations and Employment in Ghana
Kwamina Panford

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Unit 2: Active Labour and Employment Policies in Africa
edited by Karl Wohlmuth

Active Labour and Employment Policies in Africa - An Introduction
Karl Wohlmuth

Can Macroeconomic Policy Reduce Poverty during Structural Adjustment?
Rolph van der Hoeven

Small-Scale Industry and Employment Creation in Africa
Ian Livingstone

Employment and the Urban Informal Sector in Africa: Challenges Ahead
S.V. Sethuraman

Refugee Impacts on Informal Sector Employment and Development
Raymond J. Smyke

Gender Inequalities in Human Capital Accumulation: Evidence from Two African Countries
Simon Appleton

African Brain Drain: Reality versus Myth
Raymond J. Smyke

Labour Administration and Development in Africa
M. EL Murtada Mustafa

Productivity Enhancement in Africa
Derek Robinson

The Employment Potential of Infrastructure Programmes under Conditions of Structural Adjustment
Marc Van Imschoot

The Lusaka Trade Union Declaration: Trade Union Proposals for a More Effective Lomé Convention - Conclusions of the EU/ACP Trade Union Conference on "The Trade Union Role in the Lomé IV Convention”

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Unit 3: Generating Employment and Protecting the Environment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Conflicting Objectives?
edited by Frank Messner and Karl Wohlmuth

Generating Employment and Protecting the Environment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Conflicting Objectives? Introduction
Frank Messner

Land Management, Intensification and Employment
John English

Employment, Environment and Sustainable Development in Mineral Exporting Economies: The Case of Zambia
Frank Messner

Employment and Environmental Impacts of Managing Land and Natural Forests in Sudan
Siddig A. Salih

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