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Contents Volume 7 (1999):
Empowerment and Economic Development

Unit 1: Self-Help, Self-Organization, and Empowerment of Disadvantaged Rural and Urban Population Groups
edited by Elke Grawert

Self-Help, Self-Organization, and Empowerment of Disadvantaged Rural and Urban Population Groups. An Introduction
Elke Grawert

Housing the Urban Poor: Self-Mobilization and Self-Organization
in Housing Construction in the Slum Belt of Kisumu, Kenya
George Mark Onyango

The Financial Dilemma of the Female Entrepreneur in Sudan
Sunita C. S. Pitamber

Voluntary Business Associations among Small Enterprises in Tanzania: Alternative Growth and Survival Strategy
Sylvia Shayo-Temu

Economic Self-Help Activities – A Base for Self-Organization?
Elisabeth Hartwig

Does Liberalized Development Empower Rural People?
A Case Study of two Tanzanian Districts
Elke Grawert

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Unit 2: Empowerment of Small Entrepreneurs: The Role of Good Governance
edited by Markus Wauschkuhn

Empowerment of Small Entrepreneurs: The Role of Good Governance – An Introduction
Markus Wauschkuhn

Elected Governments: More Willingness to Seriously Reform the General Macro Framework for Micro and Small Enterprises?
Wolfgang Schneider-Barthold

The Effects of Liberalisation and Deregulation Policies on Small Enterprises in Zimbabwe –
A Case of Good Governance?
Meine Pieter van Dijk

The Role of Government Policies on Small Enterprises in Ethiopia
Dawit Eshetu

The Effect of Administrative and Legal Requirements on Small-Scale Enterprises in Cameroon
C.N. Ngwasiri and J.T. Tahsoh

Economic Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation Among the Vulnerable Groups in Nigeria: The Role of Government and Self-Help Organisations
Ali Bukar Bwala

Microfinance Institutions: To Regulate or Not?
Shari Berenbach, Craig Churchill, and William Steel

The Role of Good Governance for Small Scale Enterprise in Sub-Saharan Africa:
The Zeitgeist of the Nineties
Georges M. Hénault

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Unit 3: Employment Generation and Institutional Development
in Africa
edited by Karl Wohlmuth

Employment Generation and Institutional Development
in Africa. An Introduction
Karl Wohlmuth

The Missing Institutions of Africa’s Adjusted Labour Markets
Rolph van der Hoeven and Willem van der Geest

The Employment Crises and The ILO in
Sub-Saharan Africa
Kwamina Panford

Civil Service Reforms in Tanzania:
The Socio-Economic Context, Content and Challenges
Fidelis P. Mtatifikolo

Capacity Building in Africa.
The Role of the African Capacity Building Foundation
Gene Ogiogio

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Unit 4: Empowerment and Economic Development in South Africa
edited by Karl Wohlmuth

Empowerment and Economic Development in South Africa. An Introduction
Karl Wohlmuth

Labour and Unions in the former Homeland Areas
of South Africa
Roger Southall

Local Government in Transition: The Case of Better Governance in Three Former Homeland Towns
in South Africa
Lu Heideman and Derek Mosenthal

Good Governance and Urban Infrastructure Provision
in South Africa
John Abbott

Victims and Violators – Human Rights, Justice and Amnesty in South Africa’s Political Transition
Fred Hendricks


Cooperative Government, Governance and Decentralization in South Africa
Mohammed Valli Moosa

Growth, Employment and Redistribution. A Macroeconomic Strategy
South Africa Country Strategy Team, Ministry of Finance,
Republic of South Africa

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Unit 5: Crisis, Conflict and Reconstruction in Africa
edited by Karl Wohlmuth

Crisis, Conflict and Reconstruction in Africa. An Introduction
Karl Wohlmuth

Transforming the Struggle in Sudan
Wm. Cyrus Reed

The Tragedy of the Civil War in the Sudan and its Economic Implications
Ibrahim A. Elbadawi

Reflections on the Prospects for State Reconstruction, Peace, and Development in Somalia
Robert F. Gorman


1996/1997 United Nations Consolidated Inter-Agency Appeal for Somalia
UN Department of Humanitarian Affairs (DHA)

The United Nations System-Wide Special Initiative on Africa
United Nations Organization

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Unit 6: Book Reviews, Book Notes and Review Articles
edited by Achim Gutowski

Book Reviews

Wilhelm Hofmeister; Ingo Scholz (eds.), Traditional and Contemporary Forms of Local Participation and
Self-Government in Africa
Hans H. Bass

Gérard Kester; Ousmane Oumarou Sidibé (eds.),
Trade Unions and Sustainable Democracy in Africa
Bankole Oni

John A. Wiseman, The New Struggle for Democracy in Africa
Wolfgang S. Heinz

Walter A. S. Koch (ed.), Ökonomische Aspekte der Demokratisierung in Afrika
Hans H. Bass

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), The Globalization of Industry: Implications for Developing Countries beyond 2000
Bankole Oni; Achim Gutowski

Elke Grawert, Making a Living in Rural Sudan:
Production of Women, Labour Migration of Men, and
Policies for Peasants’ Needs
Sunita Pitamber

M. Hassan Salih et al (eds.), Federalism in the Sudan
S. Chandulal

Alex Thomson, Incomplete Engagement. United States Foreign Policy Towards the Republic of South Africa
Wolfgang S. Heinz

Book Notes

Regional Environment Organization (ZERO), Harare, Zimbabwe:
F. Mutepfa; L. Munjoma (eds.), Enhancing NGOs’ Capacity to Implement the Convention to Combat Desertification and Drought (CCD) in the SADC,
Energy & Environment, Newsletter, 1998
Annual Report 1996/97
Achim Gutowski

The African Capacity-Building Foundation (ACBF), Harare, Zimbabwe:
Annual Report 1997
Annual Report 1996
Building Capacity, 1996, no. 3 and 4
Building Capacity, 1996, no. 2
Achim Gutowski

International Labour Organization (ILO); Rolph Van der Hoeven; Gyorgy Sziraczki (eds.), Lessons from Privatization. Labour Issues in Developing and Transitional Countries
Achim Gutowski

International Labour Organization (ILO), Geneva, Employment and Training Paper Series:
Ute Pieper, Openness and Structural Dynamics of Productivity and Employment in Developing Countries: a Case of De-Industrialization?
E. V. K. Fitzgerald; G. Mavrotas, The Employment Impact of External Capital Flows in Developing Countries;
ILO (ed.), Adjustment, Employment and Labour Market Institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa: an Emerging Consensus on Consultative Policy Design
Achim Gutowski

Pan African Institute for Development (PAID); Philip Langley, Non-Governmental Organisations in Africa and Rural Development
Achim Gutowski

Bethwell A. Ogot, Africa and the Caribbean
Achim Gutowski

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (Foundation), Subsidiary Johannesburg, Occasional Paper Series:
Hennie Kotzé, Take us to Our Leaders:The South African National Assembly and its Members
Hennie Kotzé, Culture, Ethnicity and Religion: South African Perceptions of Social Identity
Achim Gutowski

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (Foundation) – Subsidiary Windhoek; Namibia Institute for Democracy; The Association of Regional Councils in Namibia (eds.), The Association of Regional Councils Consultative Conference, Swakopmund 19-21 September 1996
Achim Gutowski

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (Foundation) – Subsidiary Windhoek, The Association of Regional Councils in
Namibia – Launching Congress 1995

Achim Gutowski

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (Foundation) – Subsidiary Cairo; Thomas Scheben (ed.), Systems of Social Security – Egyptian and German Experiences
Achim Gutowski

Deborah Fahy Bryceson; Vali Jamal (eds.), Farewell to Farms. De-Agrarianization and Employment in Africa
Achim Gutowski

Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA), African Sociological Review, 1998
Achim Gutowski

Mengsteab Tesfayohannes, The Promotion of Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises Financing as a Contribution to Sustainable Industrial Development, The Case of Eritrea
Achim Gutowski

Fátima Moura Roque, Building the Future in Angola. A Vision for Sustainable Development
Achim Gutowski

Lucy Khalema-Redeby; Hailu Mariam; Abel Mbwew; Ben Ramasedi; Planning and Management in the African Power Sector
Achim Gutowski

James B. Rugiireheh-Runaku, The Face of Africa Today
Achim Gutowski

Research and Information System for the Non-Aligned and other Developing Countries (RIS), RIS Digest
Achim Gutowski

The British African Business Association, African Business Focus
Achim Gutowski

African Development Bank (ADB), Stategic Planning and Operations Policy Department, Economic Research Paper Series:
Employment, Growth and the Demand-Side: The Case of some African Countries;
Investing for Long-Term Growth in Africa;
Economic Cooperation and Integration in Africa: Experiences, Challenges and Opportunities;
Le Systeme Financier Informel dans les Pays Africains de la Zone Franc;
Financial Liberalization, Currency Substitution and Investment: the Case of Egypt;
Manufactured Exports from Sub-Saharan Africa: Performance, Constraints and Prospects;
Agro-Industrial Performance and Policies in Africa

Achim Gutowski

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), New Trends and Challenges in Industrial Policy
Achim Gutowski

Philip Ndegwa; Reginald Herbold Green, Africa to 2000 and Beyond – Imperative Political and Economic Agenda
Achim Gutowski

Chinafrica, Chinafrica
Achim Gutowski

Centre for Development Research (CDR), Researching Development, Newsletters, 1998
Achim Gutowski

Review Article

Centre for Strategic Studies, Sudan, Sudanese Strategic Report, 1997
S. Chandulal

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