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Contents Volume 8 (2000/2001): 
Africa's Reintegration into the World Economy

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Unit 1: 
Africa´s Reintegration into the World Economy – Basic Issues
edited by Karl Wohlmuth

Africa’s Reintegration into the World Economy – Basic Issues.
An Introduction
Karl Wohlmuth

Margin to Center: Strengthening Africa’s Competitiveness in the Global Economy
Kal Bayo

Exporting Africa: African Export Prospects and Perspectives after 2000
Samuel Wangwe

Developing International Industrial Competitiveness in Africa
John T. Thoburn

Financial Integration and Capital Inflows: What are the Policy Issues for African Countries?
Anders Isaksson

Africa’s Growth Prospects in the Era of Globalization:
The Optimists versus the Pessimists
Karl Wohlmuth

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Unit 2: 
Africa’s Foreign Economic Relations in the Present Phase of Globalisation and the Scope for National Governments
edited by Hans H. Bass and Robert Kappel

Africa’s Foreign Economic Relations – An Overview
and Introduction
Hans H. Bass

Africa’s Development Potential in the Globalisation Process
Robert Kappel

European Union’s Trade Preferences and Africa's Trade and Investment Perspectives
Susanna Wolf

Perspectives of the Lomé-Cooperation – A revised Agreement
for the Cooperation after the Millenium
Karl Wolfgang Menck

Foreign Direct Investment and Taxation – A Case Study regarding African Front-Runner States
Karl Wolfgang Menck

Foreign Direct Investment – Development Elixir or
Pandora’s Box?
Konrad Melchers

Technology Acquisition and Institutional Framework in Ghana
Godfred Frempong

Integration and Development through Good Economic Policies and Institutions – The Case of Botswana
Dirk Hansohm

Global Governance and the Evolution of a New Role of International Financial and Economic Institutions for Sub-Saharan Africa
Wolfgang Hein

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Unit 3: 
Regional Integration in an Era of Globalisation
edited by Karl Wohlmuth

Regional Integration in an Era of Globalisation.
An Introduction
Karl Wohlmuth

Regional Economic Integration and Africa – Towards a New Paradigm
Jozef M. van Brabant 

Trade Relations and Politics in Southern Africa
Christian Peters-Berries 

An Enabling Environment for Foreign Direct Investment in the Southern African Development Community
Séan Michael Cleary

Mozambique’s Development and Transport Corridors:
Towards Greater Southern African Regional Integration?
Geoffrey Wood

Post-Lomé IV: New Opportunities for African Countries?
Meine Pieter van Dijk

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Unit 4: 
Country Cases of World Market Integration
edited by Karl Wohlmuth

Country Cases of World Market Integration. An Introduction
Karl Wohlmuth

Libya – Political and Economic Prospects after the Sanctions
Herbert Strunz and Monique Dorsch 

From Plan to Social Market: The Transition in Angola
Fátima Moura Roque

From Farmland to Wilderness. The Redefinition of Resources and their Access in the Machangulo Peninsula, Mozambique
Roland Brouwer

Namibia’s Integration into the World Economy – Towards a Cost-Benefit Analysis
Dirk Hansohm

South Africa, the Unions and the Globalisation of
the World Economy
Julianne Whiteley 

South Africa’s Future Economic Role in Southern Africa
Thomas Röhm and Axel J. Halbach

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Unit 5: 
African Women in the Globalising Economy
edited by Elke Grawert and Angela König

African Women in the Globalising Economy – An Introduction
Elke Grawert and Angela König         

Neo-liberal Politics and the New Women’s Self-help Groups in Senegal
Bernhard Venema with Hester Hubbeling and Marianne Mahieu       

Women's Economy between Subsistence and Market Production in Harare, Zimbabwe
Gerlind Schneider   

African Women and Migration in France
Ulrike Schuerkens and Victor K. Kuagbénou 

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Unit 6: 
Book Reviews, Book Notes and Review Articles
edited by Achim Gutowski

Book Reviews

Laura Wallace (ed.), Deepening Structural Reform in Africa. Lessons from EAST ASIA
Karl Wohlmuth

Laura Wallace (ed.), Africa. Adjusting to the Challenges of Globalization
Karl Wohlmuth

World Bank, African Development Indicators 2000
Karl Wohlmuth

Heribert Dieter (ed.), The Regionalization of the World Economy and Consequences for Southern Africa
Temesgen Kifle 

Carol Lancaster, Aid to Africa – So Much To Do, So Little Done
Denis M. Sandy

Francisco Sercovich (ed.), Competition and the World Economy.
Comparing Industrial Development Policies in the Developing
and Transition Economies
Markus Wauschkuhn

African Development Bank, African Development Report,
Regional Integration in Africa
Godwill Ames  

African Development Bank, African Development Report, Infrastructure Development in Africa
Godwill Ames  

Peter, Chris Maina, Human Rights in Tanzania. Selected Cases and Materials
Elke Grawert

Book Notes
all by Achim Gutowski

Robert Kappel (ed.), Afrikas Wirtschaftsperspektiven – Strukturen, Reformen und Tendenzen

Dharam Ghai (ed.), Renewing Social and Economic Progress in Africa 

Hossein Jalilian, Michael Tribe, John Weiss (eds.), Industrial Development and Policy in Africa – Issues of De-Industrialization and Development Strategy 

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The United Nations University (UNU), World Institute for Development Economics Research (WIDER), (eds.), Nguyuru H.I. Lipumba, The Liberalization of Foreign Exchange Markets and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa

The United Nations University (UNU), World Institute for Development Economics Research (WIDER), (eds.), Manuel Agosin, Export Performance in Chile: Lessons for Africa

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), series „African Development in a Comparative Perspective“, Project on „Economic Development and Regional Dynamics in Africa – Lessons from the East Asian Experience“:

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A Comparative Analysis of the Accumulation Process and Capital Mobilization in Mauritius, the United Republic of Tanzania and Zimbabwe, L. Amedee Darga, 1998, no. 3

The Role of Policy in Promoting Enterprise Learning During Early Industrialization: Lessons for African Countries, Lynn K. Mytelka/Taf­fere Tesfachew, 1998, no. 7

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UNCTAD, Trade and Development Report, Financial Instability; Growth in Africa, 1998

UNCTAD, World Investment Report (WIR):

1999, Foreign Direct Investment and the Challenge of Development

1998, Trends and Determinants

UNDP, Choices – The Human Development Magazine:
2000, Vol. 9, No. 1
1999, Vol. 8, No. 3

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Unit 7:
Profiles, News and Information
edited by Karl Wohlmuth and Markus Wauschkuhn

European Commission, Directorate, Cairo Plan of Action
Brussels, Belgium 

West African Enterprise Network (WAEN)
Accra, Ghana

Overseas Development Group
Norwich, United Kingdom

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Project: African Development in a Comparative Perspective
Geneva, Switzerland

Global Policy Forum, New York, USA
International Conference of Free Trade Unions, Brussels, Belgium
Who’s to Blame for Negative Impacts of Globalization?
Brussels, Belgium and New York, USA

United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Economic Report on Africa 1999
The Challenges of Poverty Reduction and Sustainablity
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, New York, USA and Geneva, Switzerland

Focus Area for Research and Postgraduate Education
Potchefstroom, South Africa

Eastern and Southern African Management Institute (ESAMI)
Arusha, Tanzania

Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute
Nairobi, Kenya

Toronto, Canada

African Capacity Building Foundation
Harare, Zimbabwe

Regional Enterprise Development Institute (REDI)
Arusha, Tanzania

Micro-Enterprise Alliance
Yeoville, Gauteng, South Africa

Websites of Interest

United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat),
Best Practices & Local Leadership Programme
Nairobi, Kenya

Kabissa, Space on the Internet for the African Non-Profit Sector
Washington D.C., USA

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