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Institute for World Economics and International Management

The Institute for World Economics and International Management (IWIM) is an institute of the University of Bremen, Germany. The IWIM focuses on teaching and research activities in both, business administration and economics, and tries to overcome the traditional de-tachment of these scientific fields with regard to international economic issues. Thereupon it represents the core of the University´s economic competence in the analysis of global economic development processes and international management affairs.

The mandate of the IWIM is ...

to carry out research on issues and conditions relating to the latest development processes (a) in the world´s developed and developing countries and regions, and (b) concerning international business and management affairs;
in doing so, to collaborate with other national and international institutions;
to base teaching at the university upon the most recent research results on international issues;
to organize and supervise its university study focus "International Economic Relations and International Management" and the corresponding annual post-graduate study programme;
to arrange management seminars, workshops, and annual economic meetings in order to facilitate the transfer and the exchange of scientific knowledge with national and international researchers, administrators and entrepreneurs.

Some facts about the IWIM

Established in 1987 as an institute of the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies at the University of Bremen
Prof. Dr. Karl Wohlmuth (Email: wohlmuth@uni-bremen.de)
Prof. Dr. Axel Sell (Email: sell@uni-bremen.de)
Recent Information about IWIM Research Programmes and Publications
Research projects of Prof. Dr. Axel Sell
Research projects of Prof. Dr. Karl Wohlmuth
Cooperative Research Project "Governance and Social Action in Sudan after the Peace Agreement of January 9, 2005: Local, National and Regional Dimensions
The Research Group on African Development Perspectives and the African
Development Perspectives Yearbook


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